Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wilton Class - 30 March 2010

10 dancers tonight, such luxury. But some of them have been away for a while and have had no exposure to the dances on this year's Kilts and Ghillies Ball - so once again…

Tonight's dances were:
Holden My Own (32 J 3) Between the Rivers
Dundee Whaler (32 S 4) Roy Clowes - Ormskirk
Blooms of Bon Accord (32 R 4) J. Drewry - Deeside
Sage and Salsa (32 M 3 set) J. Lataille - Still Enough to Dance
Back to Back (32 J 3) T. Glasspool
Maurice (32 S 2) Dunsmuir Dances


Back to Back – The Push-Me-Pull-You Reels! Pure Dead Brilliant! But be open to the other dancers; dance with your head up and eyes wide open, and not so focused on your part that you become a victim of tunnel vision.

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