Friday, March 12, 2010

Woodbridge Class - 12 March 2010

Tonight's dances were:
Holden My Own (32 J 3) Between the Rivers
Rakes of Auld Reekie (32 S 2) B. Priddey
On Hudson Creek (32 H 3) Between the Rivers
The Nurseryman (32 J 3) 37/7
Sage and Salsa (32 M 3 set) J. Lataille - Still Enough to Dance

Not much to say tonight. The dancing went well, the class enjoyed the dances. There were smiles all around. Life is good.

Rakes of Auld Reekie – When I filled out a set on Wednesday a couple of points made themselves known. The nature of the dance calls out for strong dancing or, as I put it tonight, dancing "large": crisp, clean, strong steps; strong arms; and clean phrasing. There is nothing "small" about this dance. Don't be a namby-pamby, don't wimp-out in this dance. Dance bold! I did not pick the right music tonight. The Beauty of the North just doesn't have it,

On Hudson Creek – If you are a teacher please give this dance a try. I saw a number of wide-eyed looks during the dance, but not wide eyed in horror or fear - rather they were wide eyed in pleasant surprise. This dance brings smiles with it.

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