Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dancing on the Heights - 12 April 2010

Small class, and a rough night for me. The last two weeks have been too much too much. I am rusty and finding it difficult to concentrate and my opinions are so coloured that they are not to be trusted.

Tonight's dances were:
Maurice (32 S 2) Dunsmuir Dances (G. Thomas)
The Westminster Reel (32 R 2) 45/1
Rakes of Auld Reekie (32 S 2) B. Priddey - Golden Oriole Book
The Giants of Foudland (48 R 3 tri) The Aurora Book (A. Smith)
Lassie wi’ the lint white locks (32 S 2) B. Priddey - SDA #115


Maurice and Rakes of Auld Reekie – I have taught these dances some 14 or 15 times in the last year, I should be jaded and tired of them - I am not. What is running through my brain is this: why have I been the first to find and teach these? These dances are just too good, too beautiful, too rewarding to be forgotten.

Lassie wi' the lint white locks – Barry Priddey calls them "progressive back to backs", I prefer "chevron back to backs" after Fried Herman who uses them extensively in her English Country Dance compositions. I have no idea what the social value of this dance is. I will have to teach it a few more times and actually get into it myself before I dare venture an opinion. But I believe it's worth taking a look at this dance.

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