Thursday, March 18, 2010

Westchester Class - 17 March 2010

The best laid plans o' mice and men…

My next to last session with Westchester for this year (sigh), my last chance for getting in any of my specials and what do I get? Two brand new dancers. And that trash cans much of what I had planned for the evening. But the early indication is they are likely to stick! Yes!

Tonight's dances were:
The Red Baron (32 R 2) I. Boyd - Katherine’s Book
Lang May Your Lum Reek (32 J 2) B. Priddey - SDA #72
Phyllis Dixon Ivory (32 S 3) M. Briscoe - leaflet
My Ain Hoose (32 J 2) H. Foss - Glendarroch #5
Glen Feshie (32 S 3) Grampian
Montgomeries’ Rant (32 R 3) 10/1


The Red Baron – Always a fun dance, but with no set tune or recording I don't always pick the 'best' music. Tonight was one such night. I used The Reivers and I won't do that again. Not that the music was bad, it just didn't work with the dance. And I listened to it with that intent. So much for that.

Lang May Your Lum Reek – The Wednesday night special. Hard work but worth it I think. I mean, there was applause after it was all over so the dancers must have liked something. And the simplicity of the progression (bars 28-32) leaves me tickled pink with joy and, because I didn't think of it first, green with envy.

Phyllis Dixon Ivory – On the face of it an easy dance. The reality is bit different. There is some subtlety here and, my apologies to you all, I knew the beginners were coming up soon so I didn't take the time I knew was needed to get it across.

The dance was written in memory of Kim McGarrity, leader of the band Fiddlesticks and Ivory. I knew her from my SD trip to Hawaii. She is missed.

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