Saturday, November 28, 2009

Re: Schiehallion on Strathspey server

For those of you who may be following this thread, there is a video posted on the BBC program, "Come Dancing" of Schiehallion done by the group with whom I dance when I visit in England, particularly, the Bournemouth RSCDS. The woman being interviewed after the demo is Marilyn Watson, a very well known SCD instructor who teaches the Bournemouth branch as well as throughout the UK and in Europe. It was to her and the Bournemouth group to whom I gave a copy of the New Haven Anti-Book when I danced with them a few years back. She lives in Christchurch, just outside Bournemouth. It`s in Christchurch where my wife and I stay when visiting her sister and family. I danced in Bournemouth as well as smaller venues in Hampshire and the New Forest just last year. When I`m in Christchurch, I always give Marilyn a call and she`ll always come give me a lift to the church where they dance. It`s always neat dancing with a group you don`t really know because they treat you so royally. And some of the dancers even recognize me after more than a year`s absence! And Marilyn, God bless her, is truly a gracious lady and a wonderful instructor..... Major Jeff

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