Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Wandering Thoughts

I am in overwhelm. Too much that I want to do and not enough class time to do it in or even half of it.

Let's see - first there is the RSCDS Book 46 project which consists of 9 dances - 2 jigs, 3 reels and 4 medley/strathspeys. Headquarters wants us to rank each within its category. I can certainly teach two jigs in an evening class, maybe even 3 brand new reels, but 4 strathspeys? And one of them a 128 Medley? I don't think so. The medley alone is probably a full evening project.

I am going to try teaching one or two dances a night and then run three test sessions - one for each category but with a January 29th deadline time is already short. With the Kilts &
class's very iffy attendance numbers time is actually very short.

What I really want is a mid January workshop where all the dances can be done and the votes for best of category and best overall can be tallied and no one has to try and recall the dance they did two weeks ago - "When did we do that one?" and "was it any good?".

Another issue is music. We teachers received absolutely no guidance from the deviser or Headquarters. Do we choose a smooth classical jig or bumbitty Irish jig? Classical strathspey or slow air? If we pick the 'wrong' music we spoil the dance. And the music I pick won't be the music another teacher will pick.

Last night I taught Dance No. 39 in Wilton - I used Yet Another Birthday (3x32 S) from les joueurs de bon accord. It was "Ok" but not the best fit - I am open to suggestions!

Monday (9 Nov) is the next Meeting House dance and I will be teaching a number of the Batch 5 dances. Dance No. 49 (8x40 R) is on the agenda and for music I have chosen Captain Macintosh. (It dances well to that music - in my mind - and that is a dangerous place for me to be). Dance No. 71 (4x80 R square) is also on the agenda. Come one come all!! Let the show begin!

Just One More Thing - I do NOT want to be the sole voice on this blog. Invitations have gone out to most of the people whom I have email addresses for. Please sign up and become authors. Please Contribute! I know what my impressions are - and how often I need a good swift reality check. Help me get out of my mind - in the good sense.

By the way, Blogger makes this really easy - it is as close to idiot proof as can be. Please note "I" am doing this - so you can too.

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