Friday, November 6, 2009

Book 46 Project

Error found in Dance No. 78.

I was studying the Batch 5 dances and noticed an error in Dance No.78 (64S/64R Medley).

Bars 25-32 - last sentence reads in part -
… divide and dance back to finish all opposite original place.

this is not so!

1st and 3rd couples DO end halfway round the set and directly opposite original places but
2nd and 4th couples end ON HOME SIDE, but in partner's place (i.e. improper).

Correct positions at end of bar 32:


---------- 3M 3W

-----4W ----------2M
-----4M---------- 2W

----------1W 1M

Sorry about them thar dashes but this idiot text editor has its own moronic ideas about formatting and takes out spaces without permission. No pretty diagrams.

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