Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Call for a Book 46 Workshop

Is there anyone interested in a Book 46 Project Workshop?

I would like the New Haven Branch to put on a workshop in early to mid January to properly assess the Book 46 project dances. I would like to see an afternoon workshop in which all nine dances are taught, a potluck dinner followed by a dance session in which the dances, having been taught earlier, can be done in a party setting.

I have a possible venue: The New Haven Friends' Meeting House is usually available on Saturdays– it will accommodate 2 sets comfortably, three sets are do-able but a squeeze. Full kitchen downstairs with tables and chairs.

Why this call? Because I am not going to be able to assess the Book 46 dances properly in class. The 'assessment' form provided by RSCDS is set up to compare dances by group. As in– Which dance do you like better Jig #1 or Jig #2?

No problem there, I can teach two new dances in the course of an evening at get an answer as to which is preferred. I can even get the three reels taught in an evening. I will not be able to get the four strathspeys done.

And all nine in an evening, even if they already know them? Not going to happen!

I am willing to get the hall, I am willing to do the teaching. I am willing to help with set up and cleanup and close the hall. Is there anyone else interested and willing and able?


S2K-Lassie (Joyce) said...

I would be interested in attending this workshop. As you know my schedule is very full, but there is board meeting on Monday and I will see if I can get someone to organize the potluck and someone to put a flyer out. I am not able to add this to my burden right now but it sounds like a fun event. If we could get two sets of committed dancers it would work. We need to stay away from the weekend that the NH Ball workshop is held in NH.

Peter1672 said...

I have a call into the Friends to reserve a date - I have not heard back.

I am leaning toward Saturday January 9th, second choice the next weekend on the 16th. So if you have a preference get back to me Real Soon Now.


Peter1672 said...

Latest update - We Have A Room.

I have heard from the Friends and Saturday Jan 16th was available and has been reserved.

We are penciled in for Noon to 10:00pm and it will be set up for us.

majorjeff said...

Though I will be on vacation the first week of January, I can certainly make every effort to request being off work the weekend of the 16th.Even if I find I am scheduled, I usually can find a nurse to switch weekends with me. I like the idea of telling Edinburgh what we would like to see published...