Friday, October 23, 2009

Nutmeg Workshop

23 October 2009

The workshop was held Saturday the 17th at the Incarnation Center, Ivoryton, Ct. It was so nice to see old friends and meet new ones. The teachers were Chris Ronald from NYC and Elaine Brunken from Virginia. They each taught two sessions, one for beginners and one for experienced dancers. I danced with the beginners all afternoon and had a blast.

There were three new dances (new to me, anyway) on the evening program. The Golden Apple Jig (40 J 3) is Chris Ronald's salute to the NY Branch's 50th year. Four's a Score (32 R 3), one of Elaine's dances and Winter Wonder a 32 H 3 by Jane Lataille. All three good solid friendly dances that are now on my short list of dances. Jane's dance made it onto my top 25 list the first time I danced it. It is so simple but SOOO nice. She captured a little bit of magic with this one.

The facilities were a bit spartan, the kitchen a wee small for a 50 person potluck, and the men had to navigate around several poison ivy shrubs on their way to relief. But the floors were bouncy, the acoustics good, and the rooms warm enough. Thumbs up.

Kudos to the hard work of Catriona and Joyce who were the movers and shakers of this event. There is some question, and there shouldn't be, over whether or not there will be one next year. This was, in my opinion, a success. I had a great time even though my legs kept me off the floor for the evening and I want to go again.

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