Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Going Viral?

A couple of days ago I posted the Kilts and Ghillies 2010 Ball Program to the Strathspey list as part of a thread on dance programs and attendance. This elicited a number of comments. Then, in one of my responses to said comments, I mentioned my liking for the medley Sage and Salsa. (Quoted below).

I have now sent either the ball crib or the actual directions to eight people. Four are in Europe or the UK, two are in Canada, one from Minnesota and one unknown.

And then, in a mistake, I sent a post to the strathspey list that commercially plugged the Santa Fe class's books, The Dunsmuir Book, Between the Rivers and Barry Priddey.

Where will it End?

"Sage and Salsa is the first medley I have ever danced that I liked. It is simple. If you don't know it contact me. The dances coming out of the Santa Fe class are remarkable for their originality and sometimes IMO sheer genius. This is one of them."


"I am attaching the ball crib for you. I think you will find more than one dance with differences.
My favourites are Mole's Frolic, Sage and Salsa, Maurice (advanced), Glen Falloch, Rakes of Auld Reekie, and On Hudson Creek.

Books to seriously consider owning: Always Enough to Dance, Still Enough to Dance, Fun for All Seasons (these from Jane Lataille and the Santa Fe SC Dancers - a very small class);
The Dunsmuir Book - I have found 6 superb dances in this one and haven't tried them all yet.
Between the Rivers - lots of good ones here too.
I am also finding a number of good dances from Barry Priddey (who seems to deserve far more recognition than he has so far gotten.)"

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