Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kilts & Ghillies Class - 27 Oct '09

Dances done tonight:

The Cadger's Roadie (32 J 2) -M. Zadworny
The Bonny Heather (32 S 2) - H. Ways
Autumn Leaves (32 J 3 set) - J. Lataille
Glen Falloch (32 J 3) - J. Attwood
The Valentine (32 S 3) - L. Gaul
Dunbar Castle (32 J 2) - B. Priddey

The response to Glen Falloch was gratifying. (I do so like that dance!) It dances easier than it teaches. Fun too. After The Valentine was done everyone just stood there. It took a direct question before anyone would say they liked it. I will have to try it on the class at a time when everyone has their brains in gear, which was not the case tonight. I had to work to get the dancers to move tonight and to get them to go where they were supposed to was another struggle.

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