Tuesday, May 16, 2017

17 April 2017 – Scotia Party

We had a special night. Three musicians were visiting NY City from New Zealand - Sharlene Penman, Mary McDonald and Duncan - The Kilted Kiwis) so we put together a party. Oh Joy!

1    The Jubilee Jig                   32 J 3           Leaflets
2     New Abbey                         32 S 2          Goldring Gr2
3     Davy Nick Nack                  32 H 3          Campbell
4     Border Weavers                   32 S 3/3L     A. Gray - Tweeddale 2
5     The Cranberry Tart              32 J 3           Glasspool
6     The Johnsonville Diamond  32 S 2          Downey
7     Maxwell's Rant                     32 R 3         Bk 18

Tea Break

8     The Findlays' Jig                    32 J 3        Goldring
9     The Saint John River              32 S 4       Guide
10    The Kissing Bridge               32 R 3       Bk 47
11    Saw ye my wee thing            32 J 2        Bk 25
12    Ann of Scotia                        32 S 3       Ronald
13    Da Rain Dancin'                   32 R 3       Wallace

SCDDB Dance List [Here]

So the band was The Kilted Kiwis - Sharlene Penman -Piano, Mary McDonald Fiddle, and Duncan on snare drum and high hat and they were really good. I was especially impressed by Duncan. His sound was, without being miked, well balanced with the fiddle and piano. He did it with a variety of sticks which held the sharp cutting snare sound to a pleasant level and to a pleasant sound. Miracles of modern material science.

I was impressed, very impressed, and Sharlene and I are in, or will be very shortly a conversation concerning the  2019 Kilts and Ghillies Tea Dance - I want them to play it, and I am not used to bands, or halls, booking 2 years ahead and Sharlene does. So, while I haven't even finalized the band for 2018, I am looking at dates for 2019.

April is the cruelest month - there is the threat of Passover, Easter, The New England Folk Festival, The Rerr Terr Ball, The New York Playford Ball and probably a few other events – all of them competing for four weekends in April. So far we have managed, but getting dates out of the other organizations (especially the 800 pound gorilla called NEFFA) is a task suitable for a Hercules.

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