Thursday, September 17, 2015

8 September 2015 – Ho Ho Kus (NJ)

The first class of the new season - Liz and Elizabeth taking the teaching duties.

The dances taught were:-

Ann of Scotia – (32 S 3) – World Wide Weavings (Ronald)
Reel of the Royal Scots – (32 R 3) – Goldring
Flora's Fancy – (32 J 3) – 49/8

The Dhoon – (32 J 4) - Children's Book
Bobby Brown's Canadian Breakdown – (32 R 3 sq)  – Millar
Mole's Frolic – (32 J 3) – Dunsmuir Dances (T. Winter)


Ann of Scotia :- In my top 50. Scrumptious dance IMHO. The only complaint I have heard, and this second or third hand, is great dance up until the last four bars. I disagree. The 2hand turn once round at the end can be VERY intimate if done with the proper mind set and is in keeping with the flirtatious intent of the dance. Ann was and still is a flirt and dancing with her is great fun. And
she got her man!

Reel of the Royal Scots:- What can I say? It is a classic, and always will be.

Flora's Fancy :- This one is interesting. My spies on the dance floor say the flow for 1st couple is fantastic. Not so great for 2nd and 3rd couples. So I took it off the Kilts and Ghillies program short list, but there is the thought that dancing it once uncovers the difficult bits and dancing it again allows you to anticipate and adjust as necessary. Worth another dancing.

The Dhoon/Bobby Brown's Canadian Breakdown:- Every teacher has a number of "Oh crap, what do I do now" emergency go-to dances. These are one teacher's. Conversely, every dancer has a list of "Yikes, I need to find a rest room, right now" dances. These two are on my list. My personal opinion of these dances, having danced them once too many times, is… tedious. In the extreme. Oh well. I am sure that my fall back, safety net, dances have to be getting old for some of the dancers.

I have noticed that when I point a finger there are three fingers pointed back at me.

Mole's Frolic:- I like this one. It caught my attention on the first reading, It looked like a gift from Heaven, a fabulous program opener. Yeah, Right.  Good, actually very good, but maybe not the gem of an opener I thought. Too energetic with not enough down time. All dancers moving most of the time. What I call a "huff and puffer". Still, worth it.

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