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Sharlene Penman (piano), visiting from New Zealand, is the band leader for the 2019 Tea Dance.
Our fiddlers are Jenny Evans and Amy Beshara.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

16 September 2015 - Westchester

Teachers:- Deborah and Charlotte

Dances Taught:-

Bramble Circle - (32 J n Circle) - Vandegrift; Lets All Dance
Quarries' Jig - (32 J 3) - Smith; Bk36
Miss Gibson's Strathspey - (32 S 3) - Leaflets
Orpington Caledonians - (32 R 3) - Bk 49
Ann of Scotia - (32 S 3) - Ronald; Worldwide Weavings
Gloria's Wee Jig - (32 J 3) - McMurtry; Devil's Quandry


Bramble Circle:- reasonable wee dance. Good warmup.

Quarries' Jig:- I like! It rewards good dancers and good dancing.

Miss Gibson's:- a standard.

Orpington Caledonians:- This one will brcome a standard in my humble opinion. Simple, flowing, and still satisfying.

Ann of Scotia:- I have said it before - superb. Two thumbs up.

Gloria's Wee Jig:- Again, and it still makes me smile. The ending chase is just a wee bit of genius. And it is now on the latest short list for the upcoming Kilts and Ghillies Tea Dance.

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