Thursday, February 25, 2010

Westchester Class - 24 February 2010

Tonight's Dances:
Winter Wonder (32 R 3) J. Lataille - Fun for All Seasons
She's Ower Young to Marry Yet (32 S 3) 14/8
Glen Falloch (32 J 3) J. Attwood - Alexander 2
The Nurseryman (32 J 3) 37/7
The Dundee Whaler (32 S 4) R. Clowes - Ormskirk
The Belle of the Ball (32 R 3) I. Boyd - The South Gate


Winter Wonder – What a sweet dance! Recommended.
She's Ower Young… – You gotta know how to take a circle to a line. Otherwise fugeddaboutit.
Glen Falloch – Yet another winner from Jean Attwood.
The Nurseryman – The magic is not in the Inverting DTs, it's in the transition out of the wheels into the lines.
The Dundee Whaler – The handing: so easy yet so difficult. Aii yiii yii.
The Belle of the Ball – A simple dance but you need to have your wits about you.


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