Thursday, February 18, 2010

Westchester Class – 17 February 2010

So nice to be back. Weather and illness have forced the cancellation of my last three classes.

Tonight's dances:
Joie de Vivre (32 J 3) 39/2
Maurice (32 S 2) Dunsmuir
The White Cockade (32 R 3) 5/11
The Hunting Horn (32 J 3) (beginner's dance from Susan Ferguson).
Collie Law (32 J 2) Goldring
Sage and Salsa (32 M 3 set) J. Lataille
Lady Dumfries (32 R 3) Misc. 1


Maurice – Once again a positive response. On my "top ten best dances of all time" list and every time I see it danced I fall in love with it all over again. I promise we will do this again next week.

Lady Dumfries – My oops moment of the night. I got it wrong, just slightly, but wrong is still wrong.
I teach from Pilling style diagrams and my version of his system has evolved over time. This dance was diagrammed a long time ago and doesn't conform to current standards thus leading me into error. Correction due next week. Music- Muriel Johnstone's recording for the Miscellanies. One of the most laid back, lilting reel sets I have ever heard.

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