Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kilts and Ghillies Class - 8 December 2009

The holidays are wrecking havoc with attendance. This is the second week in a row with only four dancers. 'Twas a good thing I went looking for 2C dances after last week's class.
Looking ahead next week is going to be a little on the sparse side too.

This weeks dances:
Collie Law (32 J 2) Roy Goldring - 24 Graded & Social Dances
Gala Water (32 S 2) J. M. Duthie
Rovin' Robin (32 R 2) SDA #4
Ca' the Ewes to the Knowes (32 S 2) 16/8
Scottish Reform (32 J 2) 3/1
Duchess of Atholl's Slipper (32 S 2) 9/3
The Caithness Heart (32 R 2) Jean Attwood - Leaflet 2

Gala Water – Highland Schottische setting - not. I asked for Glasgow Highlander setting instead and needed to review that. But in the end the class responded positively to the dance. The music made a huge difference. I started out with a set of classical Skinner strathspeys but they didn't feel right. I ended up using a 4x32 S set from a McBain's Band recording (lead tune = Laird of Thrums). Just right!

Ca' the Ewes to the Knowes – how did this one fall by the way side? Oh yes, I remember now, the music. I still can't get around why the Society would choose a lead tune that wasn't the name song (which is just staggeringly pretty). But they did. Nice dance that deserves more air time. (I last taught this dance in 1994. Yikes.)

Duchess of Atholl's Slipper – Another nice dance but just loaded with timing issues that require a jug load of fudge factor. With room (and we had that!) timing issues were easy to sort out and when both couples remembered to dance in together (bar 24) it looked really nice!

The Caithness Heart – Another winner from Jean Attwood. It looks harder than it dances and it earned itself a Montague award.

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