Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kilts and Ghillies Class - 1 December 2009

The dances:

On the Quarterdeck (32 H 2) Harbour City Book
Anna Holden's Strathspey (32 S 2) 42/2
The River Cree (32 J 2) 8/5
Phyllis' Fancy (32 S 2) Priddey-Sutton Coldfield
Elizabeth Adair (32 J 2) H. Foss-Angus Fitchet Album

Saw Ye My Wee Thing (32 J 2) 25/9
The Lea Rig (32 S 2) 21/5
Rovin' Robin (32 R 2) SDA 4


On the Quarterdeck – is becoming part of my standard repertoire. Simple, fun (and what hornpipe isn't) with enough of a twist that it's staying fresh.

Anna Holden's Strathspey – tonight was the 3rd time I have taught it this fall and it is beginning to show very nicely indeed. A small technique point that makes a difference: in the down the middle and up - if 2C dances to the top and 'casts' into top place it looks really really good. Doing that is like serving up cold whipped cream on top of warm pumpkin pie. Not essential but lusciously decadent.

The Lea Rig – A simple dance that is one of the most physically demanding - especially if you're dancing to form. And it's pretty. And the music borders on the sublime. And there is one point where I differ with the written directions. On bars 15-16 the instructions say 2M is to dance home by going between 1C as they set to one another. I hate that! It is so rude - and 2M can get home just as easily by dancing behind 1M as he sets. That is how I dance it and that is how I teach it. On the shortlist for the 2011 K&G ball.

Rovin' Robin – also on the 2011 K&G ball shortlist. Everybody's having way too much fun when they dance this one.

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