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Sharlene Penman (piano), visiting from New Zealand, is the band leader for the 2019 Tea Dance.
Our fiddlers are Jenny Evans and Amy Beshara.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

6 May 2015 - Westchester

Beyond the Black Stump  - (40 J circle) - Gradon
The Captain's House  - (32 R 3) - H. Boyd
Outward Bound  -  (32 J 3set) -  Price

Machine Without Horses  -  (32 J 3)  -
Asilomar Romantic  - (32 S 3)  - Cuthbertson
Cranberry Tart  - (32 J 3)  - Glasspool


The Captain's House:- A nice dance.  On the NY Branch's dance list and on the upcoming Pawling Weekend program.

Outward Bound:- a dance I wrote to the Peter Macfarlane and Lilian Linden's set of (North Country) jigs. And then revised from a 3C dance to a dance for 3Cs in a 3C set. It needs a lot of editing before publishing. The Maine Outward Bound program (which I attended in my youth) is based on Hurricane Island in the Penobscot Bay - the name of the 4th tune in the set.

I got a thumbs up from the dancers so it may be published - Real Soon Now.

Asilomar Romantic:- One of my long time favourites which I learned as Rose and Woodbine. Now there is a recording by Reel of Seven that will knock your socks off!!

Cranberry Tart:- Another favourite of mine. Thank you Terry Glasspool!

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