Wednesday, September 18, 2013

27 August 2013 - New Haven Friends Meeting

The dances:

The Sorcerer's Apprentice  (32 J 2)  I. Boyd - Katherine's Book
Crom Allt  (32 R 3)  Goldring - 24 Graded & Social
Blairmormond  (32 S 2) Drewry
It's All Right  (32 J 3) Graded Bk 2
Delvine Side  (32 S 3) Bk 2/9
Solway Reel  (48 R 3) Carlisle & Border Anniversay Book


The Sorcerer's Apprentice – A nice simple beginning jig suitable
                                           for a newcomer, which we had this evening.

Crom Allt – A nice little reel, this one is also suitable for newcomers
                   if you think they can handle mirror reels of three on own sides. I thought she could handle them and she did. This dance is also a simple introduction to corners.

Blairmormond – A Drewry dance that doesn't get done much in this area.
                           The Brooklyn, NY., class has a John Drewry evening every December, but this one I do not remember ever being done there. Unfortunate because this a one of John's pleasanter, more accessible dances.

What is nice is the reel of four across the dance. It is not the normal "line of four " starting position but the side by side positioning that creates that subtle difference in timing and phrasing that I so enjoy.

If looking at the "Pilling" diagrams beware - they show the reel ending in a line of four. That is NOT so if you follow the written directions which place couple in offset positions. The following set, Turn partner BH into circle of four half round is sweet and I especially like the set, dance 3/4 double figure eight to progress. So did the dancers. Keeper and likely to show up on a Kilts & Ghillies Tea dance real soon now.

It's All Right – Another good basic dance for basic dancers
                    and a nice relief from John Drewry spaghetti constructions.

Delvine Side – Oh the music. Nice dance, great music. I never get tired of the music.

 Solway Reel – Nice dance. Easily accessible. The name tune is disappointing but I use a set of good hearty energetic pipe tunes. Which lifts the dance and keeps it from becoming tedious. Keeper.

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