Thursday, April 19, 2012

Scotia (NYC) - 9 April 2012

Vivian Anapol asked me to teach the 2nd hour at the Scotia class in NYC. She wanted the more difficult of the unfamiliar dances taught.

So I taught:-

Maurice   (32 S 2)   Dunsmuir Dances (Gary Thomas)
The Elusive Muse   (32 J 3)   Measures of Pleasure (T. Wilson)
The Kilt Maker  (32 R 4)  Pinewoods Coll. (P. Burrage)

It all went well, and the weird transition into Strathspey Poussette went flawlessly.

I do have one additional comment to add to what I said previously in regards to the dance Christine M. Philips.
On bars 9-16 (and again on bars 17-24) the 1C dance a 4 bar half diagonal reel followed by a 2 bar turn with their corner dancer followed by a 2 bar turn with partner.

The corners are dancing a SIX bar phrase - a half reel of four and a turn with 1C - as one piece. There is no separation between the reel and the turn - they flow one into the other NO STOPPING, especially not to bask in the glory of a successful half reel.

Short commercial announcement:

Sunday the 22nd of April - there will be a workshop at Naomi Lasher's for those dancers who want to learn the Kilts and Ghillies dances. I will bring fliers as the links above hasn't always worked as advertised.

Monday the 23rd - my 4th Monday class on the Fair Haven Heights (Friends (Quaker) Meeting House, New Haven, CT).

Tuesday the 24th - I have been invited to teach the Fanwood, NJ class. I will be doing a few of the Kilts and Ghillies dances.

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