Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gentle Annie 32 S 3 E. Hurd, Del Val 25th Anniversary Book

Gentle Annie
32 S 3C(4)

  1-4    1C turn BH x1_1/2; end in 2nd place center of the dance
            and stay close:
  5-6    1C set right & strong left
  7-8    1L 2C and 1M 3C dance RH Across halfway (2 steps)

  9-12   All dance chase to other end and form lines of 3
             - 1M btwn 3C at top facing down and 1W
             btwn 2C in 3rd place facing up.
13-14   All set
15-16   1C advance to take promenade hold AS
             2C 3C turn ptnr RH half round into promenade hold.
             All end facing down.

17-24   3C Allemande - start down to begin, all retire to end
             on prtnr's side of the dance. End 2, 1, 3 all improper.

25-30  Lsh  Reels of 3 across the dance - 1M up. 1L down.
            NB - 6 bar reels. All end facing prtnr.

31-32   All cross to own sides RH.

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