Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dancing on the Heights - 12 September 2011

Yesterday I threw a birthday party for myself with the help my friends and fellow dancers in New Haven.
I brought an ice cream pie and a bottle of champagne and was surprised with two more bottles of bubbly and a wonderful apple, pear and dried cherry crisp from Leslie Kearney. But best of all was the presence of my friends.

What I programmed was a set of dances that I like and hadn't done in ages.

The dances were:
Pete and Marilynn's Welcome Home  (32 J 3) T. Glasspool
Scotland's Gardens   (32 R 3)  R. Goldring
Glen Feshie   (32 S 3)   Grampian Collection
Duncan's Jig   (32 J 3)   D. Ivory
Solway Reel   (48 R 4)  Carlisle and Border Anniversary
Ythanside   (32 S 3)  J. Drewry
Carlaverock Castle  (32 R 3)  P. Price

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