Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wilton Class - 15 March 2011

Katie and Margaret (the girls) were back but with the Tea Dance coming soon I no longer have the luxury of dumbing down the evening program. I taught only two dances. They were:-

Hooper's Jig  (32 J 3) MMM 2
Reekie Linn  (32 J 2) J. Attwood


Hooper's Jig -  A quintessential "timing" dance and that throws just about everyone off their center. 
The hardest thing:- getting hands across and not hands in a clump.
The 2nd hardest:- getting first and third couples to dance continuously during the diagonal crossing (loops!)
The 3rd hardest:- bars 23-24 - getting 3C to step up and first lady to cross LEFT hand into 2nd lady's place.
The 4th hardest:- getting 1st man to end the RH Across all the way round into 2nd place ladies' side.

It is a relatively simple dance and that is why any sloppy dancing stands out.
I really like this dance but I rarely teach it or dance it because it is so universally appallingly danced. Tonight I actually saw progress in almost all phases of the dance. Thanks be to God.

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