Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5 May 2010 - Wilton Class

Another late start and small class. It was also very warm and I was very distracted. My Mac crashed, I lost all my music and the Apple stores don't work on "antiques". I am now the owner of a PC and feeling like I stepped back into the stone age. All very depressing. Which affected the class negatively - and before you ask, no I was not able to leave it at the door.

I had to bring cds - and that is just about as bad as having to use tapes (remember those?).

Tonight's dances were:
The Burn of Sorrow (32 S 2) B. Priddey
Wedding in St. Monans (32 J 3) Mary S. Brandon
The Pride of the Murray (32 H 3) Iain Boyd
Bill Clement, MBE (32 J 3) John Wilkinson


The Burn of Sorrow: Nothing special. I may need to find better music (when I have the new pc up and running and the basic library of SCD music is installed).

Wedding in St. Monans - Needs a four couple set for proper test. Three couples means too much fudging with the progression.

The Pride of the Murray - I like this dance! So did tonight's crew. And so they should, they liked it enough that I put it on the 2006 K&G Ball for them.

Bill Clement, MBE - Again I wish I had the right music, because the music I picked it proved to be nothing special.

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